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Workers receive training from Yang Xuwu (third from right) in Papua New Guinea, in July. CUI WENQUAN/FOR CHINA DAILY

In Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, a handful of local workers have a Chinese teacher, Yang Xuwu, a 42-year-old from Jilin province.

Starting out as an ordinary contract worker and moving up to become vice-general manager of China Harbor Engineering Company"s branch company in PNG, Yang has been working in the Pacific island country since 2012.

Over the past few years, Yang has trained more than 20 villagers for various occupations including infrastructure construction, truck driving, carpentry and steel working.

"There was a lack of technical workers then and local laborers earned very little. They don"t have the habit of saving money and sometimes even spend a month"s salary in two or three days," Yang said.

So he decided to persuade locals to make a better living by learning valued skills.

"I told them that you can only earn two kinas (60 US cents) an hour as a laborer, but if you become a technical worker, it will be five kinas," he said.

Daniel Ogu, 37, is one of Yang"s students.

Before working as a steel fixer in the branch company, the father of three wandered around aimlessly without a job.

Now he owns land in the suburbs of Port Moresby and lives with his family members in his own house.

"It is ... (China Harbor Engineering Company) that gave me the opportunity to have Yang as my teacher. I will not leave as long as the company is here," Ogu said.

But Yang also felt happy for those who moved on.

One of his students jumped to an Australian company because of his newly learned skills, and now earns 25 kinas an hour.

"I"m here to help them. It is a good thing for them to earn more money," he said.

Yang"s sincerity has won him respect and appreciation from local villagers.

He has even received small gifts including handmade bags.

According to Vice-Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang, over the past years since China established diplomatic ties with Pacific island countries including PNG, China has trained more than 6,000 specialists.